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Seven Tips for the Jolliest Holiday Shopping Signage

The happiest sound retailers can hear this time of year is the melody of cash registers ringing. To lure in customers, it’s vital for integrated marketers to entice them with high-impact quality signage that signals you have what shoppers want and need. According to Sharpe Retail, roughly half of all new customers this holiday season  Continue Reading »

Is Human Signage Effective?

Motion attracts attention. It’s a proven dynamic in nature. Jump over to YouTube and get a glimpse of spectacular courtship displays by birds of paradise to see what we mean. Or for an up-close demonstration, head over to the nearest intersection, where these days you just might find a “human billboard.” That’s the term assigned  Continue Reading »

Five Elements of Direct Marketing Success

Integrated marketers know that successful direct marketing requires a clear, obvious “call to action.” Don’t make customers guess what to do, because the more time it takes to figure out, the more likely they will go elsewhere. So let’s get right to it with these helpful tips for direct marketing success adapted from SmallBizTrends. Remember  Continue Reading »

Are Bad Phone Numbers Holding Back Sales?

The key to making data actionable may just be a phone call away. In the third annual B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report from Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex, researchers discovered that “the ability to reach buyers by phone is fundamental to closing the loop between sales and marketing – and keeping that relationship as healthy as  Continue Reading »

How to Build Your Online Brand Presence

Your calling card used to be a literal card (a business card, of course, with a phone number). These days, your website is your online brand presence. The way you present yourself online is especially crucial for those businesses that offer a service instead of a physical product. Prospective customers are purchasing your expertise and  Continue Reading »

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