Hoping to strengthen its grip on the global marketplace, molded footwear maker, Crocs, Inc., launched its first international (and largest ever) integrated marketing campaign. The nine-month effort, hashtagged #FindYourFun, began in March, 2015 to entice consumersin the US, UK, Europe and Asia to try Croc’s rubbery clogs, and to flood social medial with happy-feet shots of the product in action.

Multi-Channel Chomp

Crocs kicked off #FindYourFun by filling digital, social and OOH (out of home) channels with simple yet highly creative, design-driven executions using imagery shaped like its popular shoe. The goal, as the name suggests, was to remind people what Crocs are all about.

“This campaign is designed to engage [consumers] in ways that celebrate our iconic clog and the unique, fun-loving nature of the Crocs brand,” says Terence Reilly, Crocs global marketing VP.

Flying Crocs

Crocs also created an in-flight ad campaign developed with Spirit Airlines, a favorite channel of mega-brands Coca Cola and Bank of America. Ads featuring the Crocs clog silhouetted in various travel-related settings, appeared on aircraft sidewall panels, bulkheads and overhead bins.

In-flight marketing makes sense for a company bent on expanding its global exposure.
On average, customers spend three hours flying on Spirit, and the carrier sends out more than 325 flights daily, writes Cleo Levin for the Vamp footwear blog. Spirit also claims that brands using its in-flight channel report a typical recall rate of 93 percent.


If you don’t have the budget for a big global effort, there are still some insights from Crocs you can apply to your next campaign:

  • Have fun, be creative–many B2B companies feel theirs is a serious business and that even slightly playful marketing may turn customers off. Maybe it’s true but maybe it isn’t. Consumers and business buyers mostly prefer companies that are approachable and authentic.
  • Be relevant and true to your brand–the #FindYourFun tagline (which is also a cleverly subtle call to action) meshes perfectly with Crocs’ core message, ‘fun is everywhere, if you look for it.’ Their brand exudes fun (and comfort, of course), both of which come through loud and clear in the new campaign.
  • Expand and integrate–gone are the days when brands can market effectively without social or online components. If you need some pointers or idea starters, visit our social media or search marketing