Marketers can learn a few things from musicians. As you may have noticed, we’re all about the “rhythm of integrated marketing,” as our motto says. So naturally, while attending a local music show recently, we couldn’t help but take note (pardon the pun) of the bands’ promotional tactics.

More Than Music Merchandising

As many bands do, one enterprising young group (Hero For Today) comprised of high school-age players, offered merchandise for sale. Along with shirts and stickers, the band offered an album of recorded material. But the album wasn’t offered on a disk of any kind. The music, along with full-color digital photos, was loaded onto a branded USB drive attached to a lanyard.

Those of us who consider ourselves professional marketers could take a tip from these up-and-coming rockers. Portable flash drives (aka USB drives) have been around for roughly 15 years, but the form they take can become quite creative.

The great thing about USB flash drives is how much marketing material you can pack into a compact package. Besides MP3 music files and digital photos, flash drives can also be loaded with PDF brochures and even self-launching movie files that explain your product or service.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

From small, simple branded pocket-sized flash drives that sport your company logo or tag line, to something more elaborate, you can get really creative with the shape of the drive. Custom USB flash drives are offered in a variety of materials, colors, designs, formats and packaging.
As one USB drive manufacturer says, “If you can imagine it, we can create it.” Your creative services provider no doubt has experience in this area and can offer ideas and help you procure the product.

For more inspiration, check out “More Awesome USB Albums” to see some of the wildly creative custom USB drives created for music stars like KISS, Lady Gaga, Queen and others.