The happiest sound retailers can hear this time of year is the melody of cash registers ringing.

To lure in customers, it’s vital for integrated marketers to entice them with high-impact quality signage that signals you have what shoppers want and need. According to Sharpe Retail, roughly half of all new customers this holiday season will learn about your business through signage. The retail sign experts offer these tips to keep in mind when planning your holiday retail graphics.

Fill Your Windows. What do holiday shoppers want? Bargains. Sharpe Retail suggests enticing potential customers and drawing them into your store by using bright, bold colors and easy-to-read signs that advertise your great sales or new and exciting products.

Direct Your Customers. Hiring seasonal staff is costly. Having good signage is like having another sales associate working the floor, so make sure signs are located front and center.

Deck the Halls. Everything shimmers during the holiday season – so make sure your signage does, too. Sharpe Retails also recommends decorating your store with bright, festive graphics.

Embrace Emotions. Holidays evoke emotions, just like good integrated marketing creative.
On signage, incorporate images and phrases that stir up positive memories about years gone by and beloved family traditions to help drive sales.

Build Brand Awareness. Signage is another form of integrated marketing and must adhere to your company’s brand standards. Work with your signage professional to incorporate your brand logo, fonts and colors. As Share Retail points out, this step will help customers remember your brand well after the last fruitcake is re-gifted. (They’ll also remember any signage mistakes, so make sure you include the correct punctuation on every sign. For a primer, go to, “Signs Need Love (and Punctuation), Too!”)

Get Social. For positive proof that integrated marketing works, include ways for customers to follow you on social media, such as your Twitter handle. In today’s retail world, experiences between online and brick-and-mortar stores must be seamless.

Check Out Trends. Although you’ll want to play up tradition, you’ll also want to stand out from the crowded field. You may want to test out some bling, such as 3-D cutouts, sequins, magnetic signage or floor decals. Get some ideas by reading, “Reap the Rewards of Marketing With Retail Signage.”